Guarantee: guarantee's we will work with you until we get your problems solved.  We want you to be happy and come back again.  We want you to be excited and tell your friends about us.  Therefore, we install all parts and perform all repairs according to industry standard and accepted procedures and warranty our work against defects and omissions.  We will refund your money if you are not satisfied. 

   Sometimes certain problems aren't apparent at the time of service, or servicing one problem uncovers another.  is proud to offer a Return For More Work rate at $25 per occurrence if brought to our attention within one week of the previous service. Normal turn around times apply for systems returned more than 1 week after pickup.

   Our guarantee covers the following:
Any problems you have asked us to fix work consistently and repeatedly in our shop.
If we install Windows it has been installed according to industry standards and all available updates and patches have been loaded.
All disk drives, modems, video cards and internal components are installed and connected correctly.
If we clean a virus infection, the computer is free from viruses when it leaves our shop.
We have used industry accepted standards of troubleshooting

   Our guarantee does NOT covers the following:
Microsoft Windows or any software package to be bug free or crash proof.

virus re-infections
stability of internet connections.
any peripheral we don’t install, including printers
software not installed by
hardware not purchased at
any non-standard user settings or over clocking of hardware offers LOW rates for software and hardware installations.
Save your self the headaches….  LET US DO IT!


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